Crib Point



Crib Point Pool is an outdoor heated pool boasting fantastic lawn space for you to relax while enjoying the 25m pool and leisure pool for our younger swimmers to enjoy. Crib Point Pool is open during the summer season each year.

The 2018/19 season will begin on Saturday 3 November.

Other facilities include change rooms, toilets & showers, a kiosk and picnic tables. Crib Point Pool is closed during winter season. 

Watch Around Water

What is Watch Around Water?

It is a set of guidelines produced by two of Victoria’s largest aquatic bodies, Aquatics & Recreation Victoria and Life Saving Victoria. The guidelines are designed to reduce the incidence of fatal and non-fatal drownings and injuries in public aquatic environments. All pools accredited as Watch Around Water pools must abide by a set of standard guidelines.
What are the guidelines for Watch Around Water?
There are 2 main supervision guidelines: one for children under 5 (0-4 years), and those under 10 (5-9 years).
Under 5: Children must be constantly supervised and to remain within arm’s reach of a parent or carer. (If the child is in the water, the parent or carer must be in the water too).
Under 10: Children must be constantly supervised without any physical or structural barriers, and must be within an appropriate viewing distance.

Why does my child have to wear a wristband?
Pelican Park Recreation Centre & Crib Point Pool have now introduced the implementation of wristbands for 5 - 9 year olds. The wristbands will assist lifeguards to identify the age of our young swimmers so that everyone is safe and we are all 'WATCHING AROUND THE WATER'.

My child is a competent swimmer. Why do I need to be in the water with them?
It is not only about swimming ability, it is also a safety issue. If a child gets hurt, a parent or guardian within close vicinity can act on the incident immediately, thereby preventing any further complications. It is very easy for young children who are good swimmers to get out of their depth or become tired, making it difficult for them to get back to the edge and often causing children to panic.

For more on Watch Around Water please visit the ARV's Watch Around Water FAQ Page