Father's Day is around the corner!

25 Aug 2020
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Celebrating Father’s Day this year may be difficult for some of us, but whether you are spending it close or afar make sure you tell dad how special he is! 

Did you know? 

Father’s Day was inspired by the American Mother’s Day celebrations and first celebrated in 1910. A woman named Sonora Smart Dodd first celebrated Father’s Day in Spokane, Washington in honor of her father who was a single parent raising six children. In Australia, the first celebration of Father’s Day was seen in the Newcastle Sun Newspaper in September 1936 and later recognised as a Commonwealth holiday in 1964. 

Get together from a distance! 


This year Father’s Day celebrations will look a little different for some of us, staying apart is keeping us safe, but it doesn’t mean we forgot about the special days. Here are some ideas to celebrate with Dad but still be apart. 

  • Virtual Lunch – get the family together for an online lunch, get the zoom calls going and catch up over a meal. 
  • Write a letter – Now is a great time to bring back the traditional letter sending or card writing. The kids will love this! 
  • Create a video card – get the family and kids together to create a fun video message you can send to dad on his special day. Not sure how? Ask the kids, between TikTok & Instagram they can work some magic with their eyes closed! 
  • Make a phone call – something as simple as a phone call will remind Dad how much we love him. 
  • Send him a gift! - We all love mail, no doubt we have all become a little obsessed with online shopping. Make the most of it and get something Dad loves sent direct to his door. 

If you live with Dad, we are jealous and hope you make the most of it! Some ideas for dad in person might include:

  • Cook Dad one of his favourite meals, which could be a yummy breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or desert 
  • Spend quality time together by going for a walk in the park 
  • Do one of Dad's favourite activities with him! Whether it's a crossword, a workout or listening to some of his favourite music. Nothing goes astray! 


Father’s Day Gift Ideas  

You have just over 2 weeks left to get those last-minute gifts. Here are some of the best you can still pick up before the big day.   

Shop Local and Support Rural Communities  

What better than a gift that supports businesses affected by Australia bushfires and COVD-19. You can shop online to support many rural and local business who offer some amazing products that mum would love!  

Check out @spendwiththem on Instagram who showcases a range of these products you can buy direct from the business online!   

At-Home Fitness  

This could be the most important gift you ever give: health & fitness at-home. Home Fitness Network keeps on giving to dad & the entire household. Providing nutrition & meal plans, workouts & training options for all fitness levels PLUS, movement & activities for kids, youth & the young at heart. Being active for 30 minutes a day is a game-changer for your health, with health authorities saying it’s the minimum amount of time you should be active to reduce the risk of chronic disease and live longer. So why not get dad started & get active with her? Check out this page.  

Fitness Essentials 

Is Dad into getting active at home? Why not top up his fitness equipment with something new? Suspension Training® constantly challenges your core for a true total-body workout. It enables you to train your own way! This year Dad might like a TRX Suspension Trainer™ that comes with accessories for easy use almost anywhere—from a doorway to a park. Check out this 10% discount offer from our partners at NovoFit!  

To access your offer, click HERE - https://www.trxtraining.com.au/ 

Apply this discount code at the checkout: Belgravia10%  

Remember, the biggest gift you can give Dad is reminding him how much we love and appreciate everything he does. Especially during these tough times, stop for a moment, have a chat, check in and reconnect. Whatever you choose to do, we're sure Dad will love it!


Image source: Pexels.com

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