Tips to help maintain your energy input versus output

13 Sep 2020
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Tips to help maintain your energy input versus output during COVID-19 restrictions

In Victoria, we have been in lockdown for a prolonged period. Many businesses and workplaces have also been closed including, restaurants, beauty parlours and our beloved gyms! 

In turn, our incidental physical activity has likely reduced, as we are not moving around as much as we usually would. Daily activities, such as walking from the car to the office, getting a coffee, going for lunch with work colleagues, have ceased. Plus, simply finding the time to exercise or eat well amongst with homeschooling and other restrictions, has been tricky!

This change in lifestyle, for some of us, has resulted in less energy expenditure and in turn, weight gain. Everyone has different body compositions, so we often know what is normal for our bodies. However, when inactivity might become problematic is when we notice the impact on our daily energy or excess weight gain. 

The main concern when our energy expenditure does not outweigh our energy intake is that our bodies can store excess fat around vital organs. When we are overweight or obese and excess fat is around our vital organs, it may increase our risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes (ABS National Health Survey, 2018). 

Luckily, there are lots of small daily activities that can help us maintain our activity levels and stay healthy throughout this period or until restrictions begin to ease! 

Below are five tips for balancing your energy balance and maintaining a healthy lifestyle at home during COVID-19: 

  1. Take a lunchtime walk for 15-30 mins each day 
  2. Do 10 star jumps every hour on the hour 
  3. Engage in some online fitness classes each week! In Victoria, all community members get free access to HFN.
  4. Select higher health star rating foods, or use low-fat varieties of food staples 
  5. Reduce the portion sizes of your meals 

Every bit of exercise counts. Whatever it is that gets your bones and muscles moving, start to build it back into your daily routine.

If you’re unsure of where to start our qualified Exercise Physiologists can help work with you to find the right fit of exercise for you! You can now access our qualified Exercise Physiologists online via Telehealth. 

Find out more about Telehealth here: 

Find more excellent health and wellbeing tips and exercise and nutrition tips on our blog page today! 

 *Please remember to stay safe and exercise within your local state Government COVID-19 laws. If you believe you have an underlying health issue present, please seek individualised expert advice from a health professional before completing physical activities. 

Article Author

The article was written by qualified Exercise Physiologist Rihanna Barton. 

Rihanna is an accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist/Sports Scientist with experience working with a wide range of individuals with various work/sport-related injuries, post-operative rehabilitation and chronic diseases. Rihanna has a special interest in older adults health as well as exercise physiology in relation to mental health. 

Rihanna has worked in low socioeconomic community health settings, private clinics and hospital outpatient rehabilitation and takes pride in rapport building, compassion, and care during treatment as well as in general lifestyle. 

Qualifications and Experience:  

  • Bachelor of Exercise Sport Science  
  • Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology 
  • Breast Cancer Professional Development 
  • Reformer Pilates  


National Health Survey: First Results, 2017-18, Overweight and Obesity

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