Western Port Gymnastics


Heat Policy

Please be aware that if the outside temperature reaches 35 degrees at 1pm, NO classes will be held that afternoon/evening.

Please check the Western Port Gymnastics page for an update that day regarding your class.

A credit will be issued at the end of term for any classes cancelled due to our heat policy.

Absent/Sick Student Policy

In the event that your child is too unwell to attend class for 2 or more weeks (with presentation of a medical certificate) direct debit payments will be suspended free of charge. Paid in full members will be credited for the following term. 

Absent/Sick Coach Policy

In the event that your coach is too unwell to take a class another qualified coach will fill in.

If that is not possible, a qualified personal trainer will be available to run fun sport-based games for the children. However, in this event the class payment will be suspended for direct debit members & credited for paid in full members.

Please note, in the event of a cancelled class you will be contacted via phone or SMS. Please ensure we always have your current contact contact information. Notification of cancelled classes will also be updated on the Western Port Gymnastics Facebook page.